Wednesday, June 1, 2011


So, this is my first ever post that I sat down to write with the sheer intention of keeping my otherwise barren and not-commented-on blog alive (save for a few comments from good old pal Mriganka ( ...some free publicity for you!). Love you dood! You're my sole friend *sobs*).

Okay, so keeping my Nirupa Roy'ish histrionics aside, if nothing else, this post will at least do justice to the first word in the name of my blog...ramblings!

Right now, the mind is such a hodgepodge of incongruous thoughts that it's really difficult to take a plunge inside and fetch what exactly I'd want to write on. The mundane and bored-to-death work life? Nay. The handful of people reading my post, am sure, would be having their own sob-stories to tell on how their bosses whooped their backs and made them work on weekend and took credit for the work they did and bla bla.

My hopelessly slow internet connection? Like, 15kbps average download speed? Are you kidding me? But then, well, at least I have an internet connection and a laptop to connect it to. 

The music I am currently listening to? No Sir. I mean, who'd give a flying squirrel's a$$ to that? And on second thoughts, do I myself have a clue as to point to one band and say "THIS is what my current favorite is?" But yeah, like every i-pod-totting college kid out there right now, I am hooked to "Bhaag DK Bose" from Delhi Belly. In spite of the whole Greenday rip-off punk-rockish feel and Imran khan awfully posing as Billy Joe, love the song for the lyrics.

On the re-election of Congress government in my home state Assam? And hence the inflow of more godforsaken, green-checkered lungi-clad, reproducing-15-kids-a-year-from-5-wives Bangladeshis in the state, who'd keep the government in power for I-have-no-frigging-idea-long years? No point. Far better and profound material are available on the internet and in text. I'd rather save the reader the pain and keep this post easy-going, instead of a heavy dosage on "We should do this and do that, you know, to save our motherland" and then conveniently go back to watching Southpark and Dance India Dance! How patriotic!

On Ramdev Baba this time doing an Anna Hazare, going on a fast-unto-death to eradicate corruption and bring Swiss bank Indian money back to the country? Why oh why Baba? Meaning no disrespect, he's actually making the whole fasting thingy look pathetically funny!

The latest movie I watched? Yeah well maybe a few words on it. Insomnia is one recent movie that moved me deeply, not the soul-searching and awakening kind of moved, but for the raw prowess of Al Pacino and Robin Williams (yeah he had a much shorter role to play alright, but does a maestro really need longer reel length to show his genius?). I'm not endowed enough to write a review on it, but honestly, any movie buff who hasn't watched the movie MUST watch it!

On the little bundle of joy that's come into our family, my nephew Aveek? Hell yeah! I wish I had better and more real means of seeing him than the few pics my bro-in-law mailed and uploaded on facebook himself. Anyways I'm not complaining until I'm assured he's turning into a stud with each passing day. All the narrations from Maa describing how he peed on the doctors face right after delivery (now that's like my nephew!), how he chuckles when asleep and bro-in-law saying "Must be dreaming of milk. What else can a kid his age think of?" make me smile and laugh and visualize and make me...well...happy! Really really happy!

Anyways, the sinister motive behind naming the blog is aptly justified I guess. I can rant on for hours and then defend my sorry a$$ saying "Mate, what else were you expecting? Look at what the blog is called!" :-D