Monday, May 23, 2011

...Sleepy Hollow...

Open your eyes to the numbness around and look in the mirror,
The reflection staring back looks so unfamiliar.

Look out the window and the chilling December wind is blowing,
But the chill within is far more killing.

There’s someone inside who seems relentless and untiring,
He’s been growing all this time and strangulating.

Breath shortened and vision blinded,
The silence causing the deafness to explode.

You scream but can’t hear, the pain you can’t bear,
Tearing you apart from within ..but you don’t feel no fear.

Noone to stand by your side and nothing to stop your feet,
Swallow the hollowness and step inside nothingness

Darkness making things clearer, the coldness giving you warmth,
Pulling you back down into creep.
It makes you feel so complete.

...The Condemned...

my first post, a poem i wrote about a month back after watching Taxi Driver...title is copied straight from Stone Cold Steve Austin's movie! <shameless grin>

As you lay awake thinking of the times gone by,
About everything that always went wrong but could've been right.
A stranger, a spectator, watching the world run in circles,
But a mind, trapped in a cocoon, ready to break free and fly.
A shackled being within, screaming for help since forever,
Why do those wails make you smile?
You're not alone, but still lonely,
Surrounded by black shadows that'd disappear when there's light.
The smoke filled air creates countless images,
Of moments and memories, the pain of which would never subside.
The past won't forgive and the future is blurred.
But all you can do is keep walking the road to nowhere with blindfolded eyes.
You try to wash away the tears in rain.
But with a bleeding soul inside, did you ever need to cry?
They say they can show you the path to eternal salvation.
But a condemned is doomed in its own entrapment, until he dies.