Monday, May 23, 2011

...Sleepy Hollow...

Open your eyes to the numbness around and look in the mirror,
The reflection staring back looks so unfamiliar.

Look out the window and the chilling December wind is blowing,
But the chill within is far more killing.

There’s someone inside who seems relentless and untiring,
He’s been growing all this time and strangulating.

Breath shortened and vision blinded,
The silence causing the deafness to explode.

You scream but can’t hear, the pain you can’t bear,
Tearing you apart from within ..but you don’t feel no fear.

Noone to stand by your side and nothing to stop your feet,
Swallow the hollowness and step inside nothingness

Darkness making things clearer, the coldness giving you warmth,
Pulling you back down into creep.
It makes you feel so complete.


  1. You write well, my friend. Keep writing.

  2. Whats up with the dark theme (of the blog and the post)? Very uncharacteristic of the jovial you...

  3. nothing in particular. dark colors i likes. and about the post, cant really think of a convincing reason for which i came up with it. just a temporary state of mind maybe!

  4. well expressed indrez...could connect wid d depression pangs...indeed dey complete us.
    Keep rambling...

  5. Time to make up a tune for this...Would make a good song!

  6. @More: Glad you could connect to it. Serves my purpose!
    @Ipshi: Very soon :)...and thanks a lot!

  7. An outstanding junction of words and emotions... Kudos!!!

  8. An outstanding junction of words and emotions... Kudos!!!